E-Commerce Image Editing

Ecommerce product retouching service proves to be the chief element when we’re talking about effective marketing for eCommerce. To attract your targeted consumer, no druthers or gimmicks will work except an eye-catchy product image. Comprehensive product print editing services can make your product image stand out and speak for itself to the request. The nethermost line is that moment’s new generation of guests won’t buy online products that don’t have professional high- quality visual representations.


Clipping Path and Image Masking

Definitely to detail to produce impressive photos plays assumes a huge part particularly, when you are an online retailer. Most of product photos of online store demand transparent backgrounds. which can help to get the actual product with limelight and because of that most of the e-Commerce stores have image requirements regarding that. Image clipping is not only to separate the image from the background but also to add shadow and retouching where required.


The Product sales will be when its photos will be able to attract consumer’s attention so not enough to take a great photos, Its demand on care fullt retouch. product photo retouching, our aim to hit the spot from where the product photo can tell its own story to the customer and impress them to purchase the product. For product listing on any e-Commerce store, retailers must follow photos guidelines. We work on every detail, such as image cropping/resize and framing, removing any product image flaws to make it attractive and ready.

Neck Joint

Most of the mannequins removing process starts from here. Selecting the neck area and remove it creates a gap in the backside’s inner portion, so editor fill the gap by bringing that portion from another image. This especial image retouching service suits the best with clothing products with an extended neck area like shirt, T-shirt, blazers, tops, jackets, etc.

Shadow - Drop and Original

Adding realistic shadow to the image using photoshop it’s requires skilled hands if you want to do it right. Depend on the shadow types, the service has four different processes to go with for our clients. A photo may require one or multiple shadow types concomitantly. Still, the major part of using shadow is maintaining the accuracy which the professionals of CPP can achieve ir and make it look easy.


Color Correction

Color correction is the process of fixing any kinds of color issues in the photo. It also brings the image to a deeper dimension and tones based on the hues that are selected. Colors can change the story completely. Add depth, clarity to your photos with our professional photo color correction services. our professional can use to adjust brightness, white balance, filters, contrast, tone, saturation, highlights and the shadows of a photo to achieve a striking and refreshing finish.

High-quality color correction injects life into an image. It elevates photo quality: from good to great and from great to outstanding.

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