Shadow Creation Service

Enhance the depth and dimension of your visuals with our professional shadow creation service. Our expert team meticulously crafts realistic shadows that add realism and depth to your images, ensuring they stand out and make an impact. Perfect for product photography, e-commerce platforms, and advertising, our service elevates the visual appeal of your images, captivating viewers and boosting engagement. Experience the difference with our professional shadow creation service today


How we work?

1. Request a free trial for the images you need edited. Maximum 3 images.

2.  Receive an free trial images with your quote in 45 minutes or less. business hours GTM 6.

3.  After quality approval then move forward with project.

4.  Get your images in as little as 24 hours or less.

What is Shadow creation Service?

Shadow creation service is a photo editing service that involves the addition, enhancement, or manipulation of shadows in an image to improve its overall appearance and realism. This service is commonly used in the fields of e-commerce, product photography, advertising, and digital marketing to create visually appealing and professional-looking images

Shadow creation services contribute to the overall improvement of image quality, making them more marketable and engaging for viewers. Professional photo editing experts use various techniques to achieve realistic and visually pleasing shadow effects tailored to the specific requirements of each image

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How we provide Shadow Creation Service

1. Retain Natural Or Original Shadow Creation Service

The Retain Natural or Original Shadow Creation Service is a photo editing service that focuses on preserving or enhancing the natural shadows present in an original image. Instead of creating entirely new shadows, this service aims to retain the existing shadows in a photograph, making adjustments to ensure they look realistic and aesthetically pleasing. The goal is to maintain the authenticity and natural appearance of the shadows while refining them for better visual impact.Retain Natural or Original Shadow Creation is often utilized in various industries, including e-commerce, advertising, and marketing, where maintaining the genuine look of product images is essential for building trust and engaging customers. 

Our professional photo editors use their expertise to carefully adjust and enhance natural shadows while preserving the original character of the image.

2. Castaway Or Existing Shadow Creation Service

The Castaway or Existing Shadow Creation Service is a photo editing service that involves the creation or enhancement of shadows in an image to make it look as if the subject is casting a shadow on a new or different background. This service is particularly useful when the original image lacks a realistic shadow or when the subject needs to be seamlessly integrated into a new environment.

Remember that the effectiveness of castaway or existing shadow creation depends on the skill of the editor and their attention to detail. Our professional photo editors use their expertise can creating 

Drop Shadow Or Effect Shadow Creation Service

A medium clipping path, also known as a moderate or semi-complex clipping path. Medium clipping paths are commonly used for objects with moderately complex shapes or subjects with semi-detailed elements, such as clothing items with folds and wrinkles, products with rounded or irregular edges, or objects with transparent or semi-transparent areas. This technique is often employed in industries like fashion, e-commerce, and product photography, where more precise object isolation is required to maintain the integrity of the subject while separating it from its background.

Reflection / Mirror Shadow Creation Service

Multiple Clipping Path, also known as a complex or advanced clipping path.Multiple Clipping Paths are commonly used in industries like e-commerce, fashion, and advertising, where product images or compositions require different treatments or editing for various elements within the same image. This technique allows for selective and independent manipulation of each object, facilitating creative design and customization for a wide range of purposes.

5. Floating shadow Creation Service

Floating shadow is set at a distance from the main subject. The subject will look floating, and the shadow will be below the subject. Oftentimes backgrounds are changed for this kind of shadow making. Light direction is important for floating shadows to determine the shadow position.

Our shadow creation service offers floating shadow creation for all kinds of products. If you want to have some exceptionally beautiful floating shadows on your product image, don’t hesitate to reach us.

Why Choose Clipping path Pixels


To achieve high-quality clipping paths, we use specialized software like Adobe Photoshop and employ techniques like the Pen Tool to create precise paths. We are always trying our best in producing top-notch clipping paths. We ensure for our client that the clipping path quality meets the desired standards.


Our general turnaround time is 24 Hours from the reaching order. If any one need urgent file we have also express delivery option. For express delivery we take extra charge for delivery cost each image. Our express delivery option is 1 hour, 4-hour, 10 hours. We’ll provide fast quotes, speedy customer service and quick results. In fact, we deliver a quote for every project within 1 hour max.


We want to build up long term business relationship through our best service, so price doesn’t barrier for professional business relationship. Basic Clipping service started from $.35. Actually price depends on image complexity according to time consumer. you’ll have no trouble fitting our services in your budget.

Frequently asked questions

Yes you can! If you have many images to process, and before you confirm the order you send us one or two images, We will complete the images according to your instruction  and send you for your quality approval.

100% yes. All our personnel have signed a non-disclosure agreement where they commit themselves to not taking any images out of the workplace or use it for any other purposes than for the job you require. Our entire equipment is also protected by firewall for inbound and outbound security and we use the latest anti-virus protection in every computer.

Absolutely not. We guarantee that all your images will be destroyed after completion of work and we will not use, sell, or share any of them with third parties without consent.

Completion time depends on the complexity and quantity of your project; we will let you know that our general turnaround time when we receive your order or request for a quotation, you can expect a delivery within 24 hours Max. However, if your images are complex or you have bulk image like 500 or 1000, it might be 48 or 72 hours. We also have 1 Hour/ 4 Hours/ 10 Hours Express delivery option.

There is a no limit minimum charge of per order. There have no matter how many image you need processed, whether it would be 1 or 1,000 we will happily do that for you. Because small businesses are as important as big ones.

As always, we have tried to make it really easy for you. There ae few different options you can use to send/receive your images,

We have received your image via mail, we transfer, drop box or google shared drive link.

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